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By Kelly Bean in the Brewton Standard


WKRG/Channel 5 News Story and Video about Conecuh County Commissioners March 10th Open Hearing

EVERGREEN – Terri Carter, Mayor of Repton, and Mr. Johnny Andrews, Chairman of Citizens for a Clean Southwest Alabama (CCSA), spoke on the steps of the courthouse in Evergreen this morning, immediately following the Conecuh County Commission meeting. Today's meeting was the last before a scheduled public hearing on a proposal from Conecuh Woods, LLC to locate a 5,100 acre landfill near Repton.

This press conference was held to acknowledge Governor Robert Bentley's Executive Order #8, which placed a moratorium on the permitting of large landfills in Alabama until new regulations have been developed by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. "The people of Repton and Conecuh County thank Governor Bentley for his courageous action and we stand shoulder to shoulder with him against this unnecessary dump," said Mayor Carter.

After being denied an opportunity to speak at its previous meeting, Mr. Andrews was allowed to address the Commission this week. "As illustrated by a new resolution from the Coastal Gateway Economic Development Alliance, the public opposition to this is overwhelming. Given the order sent down by the Governor, I wanted to publicly ask Mr. Jimmy Stone to withdraw his landfill application and to stop wasting our county's resources on a project that faces a steep road to success. In the event he will not do that, I asked the Commissioners to vote against the proposal and put this issue to bed for good."

The public hearing regarding the landfill application is scheduled for Thursday, March 10th at Reid State Technical College in Evergreen. CCSA is encouraging all concerned citizens from Conecuh County to contact their commissioners in advance of this hearing and to voice their concerns.


Baldwin County draws up resolution opposing Conecuh Woods landfill
Conecuh County landfill opponents hold rally, criticize commission

Corruption and Landfills. . . .


Letter to the Editor:
Will We Allow Alabama to Become the Nation's Dump?
Authored By : Hannah Barnes, Atmore Dr, Marsha Raulerson, Pediatrician, Brewton and Ruth Harrell R.N., Flomaton ,Chair, Coalition for Healthier Escambia County

Would YOU vote to allow our beautiful state to become the nations largest DUMP???

That is what might happen if someone like you does not speak out against this horrible thought. Please take the time to read this article.

A group of investors ( from OUTSIDE Alabama ) have applied for a permit to create the nations largest landfill right here in Alabama. It will be called Conecuh Woods, and will be located in Conecuh County. If allowed to build, Conecuh Woods will consist of 5,115 acres of land near Repton, Alabama. Due to its convenient location and access to the interstate, rail road, and water way it will receive waste from around the entire nation.

Investors have said that only household garbage will end up at this proposed landfill but, in fact, they mean municipal solid waste (MSW). MSW includes: plastics, rubber, leather, food and yard waste, organic compounds, ferrous metals, toxic metals, batteries, lead, mercury, cleaning agents, fuel additives, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, asbestos materials, rat and pest control chemicals, transmission fluid and so much more. Conecuh Woods will receive at least 100 tons of waste each day. Is this what you want in your state ?

There are many ways that the dump in Conecuh County can affect our health. The fact that 90 % of the physicians in the adjoining counties have spoken against this project should be telling to voters. Over time, there is a probability that the liner of the landfill will leak, either at completion of construction or after many years of damage and wear. Fires, floods, hurricanes and tornados will also cause enormous health and environmental effects. Surveys taken across the United States have confirmed that certain untreated chemicals, if released either by water or air, cause increases of cancer, birth defects, miscarriages, chemical burns, bone and muscle disorders, eye, respiratory and intestinal infections. This not only affects waste management workers, but people who live, work and play in the neighboring areas. In other words YOUR current family members and future generations! This project poses health risks to the entire region..and to the state… not just to Conecuh county

Some groups will say that landfills are not dangerous and do not pose a big health risk, but the truth is that, "…82% of surveyed landfill cells had leaks while 41% had a leak area more than one square feet," according to Leak Location Services, Inc. (LLSI) website (March 15, 2000). Some toxic waste will escape the landfill, and if we allow it to be built we will be the ones to pay the price. The thick liner will slow the passage of the water, but it will eventually make it to one of our large bodies of water. If it moves quickly, we may be the ones to drink it if not our grandchildren and their children will drink it.

Since 1982, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) knew that most hazardous wastes in America are dumped in landfills across the nation. Everything that is taken to a landfill and is processed will break down, and will produce the landfill gases that can and will escape into the community's air. This may occur in the first year, or for decades after the hazardous wastes are placed in the landfill. That means that it will not only affect our health, but the ones that will be born and live long after we are gone. Will YOU allow our beautiful state to become the DUMP for the country?? If you live in Conecuh county or have family or friends there please ask them to contact the Conecuh County Commission and ask them NOT to allow this to happen to our area. If you have an opinion on this horrible thought, please contact the Citizens for a Clean Southwest Alabama at 251-765-2113 or the Coalition for Healthier Escambia County at 251-296-5101.








CCSA (Citizens for a Clean Southwest Alabama) was organized in January 2007, when Conecuh Woods first proposed dumping the largest landfill in the United States on Conecuh County. Time, energy and money have been donated for this ongoing fight, but it is far from over.


Send checks to United Bank, P.O. Box 787, Monroeville, Alabama 36465, Attention Phyllis Bell. Make checks payable to CCSA (Citizens for a Clean Southwest Alabama). Our non-profit tax number is 51-0618216. It is retroactive, so you can claim any donations you have made (thank you!), or any donations you are going to make (please!). A copy of our expenditures is available on request. These include: printed information for distribution to the public; advertising space in newspapers; research; signs; renting space for presentations and meetings; materials for fund-raising projects; legal consultations; postal fees.


If you want to help with time, energy, ideas or questions contact:
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